Sobremesa In Spain Launches

A lot of people believe in that epiphany moment, the ah-ha realization, the one that seems to run you over like a truck and smack the idea on your forehead. Well, I didn't have one of those.

I had a desire to explore, search after that ideal vision of what it meant to be different than what I was becoming, where I was living and what I would do with my life. I don't stand beside Darwinism, but rather feast in the existence of both the chicken and the egg, maybe even harmonizing on the same plate. So ladies and gentlemen, this isn't just another classic example of corporate American rebellion, or even another food blog, it's a love story, a relationship that continues to build and grow everyday, and most importantly continuously burst flavors all over my (and hopefully your) tastebuds.

I dare you to not fall in love with the things I've discovered in this country, the fresh cheese from Burgos, the jámon de bellota from Salamanca, the octupus of the north Atlantic coast of Galicia, the wine from the Rio del Duero, the black trumpet and bloody milk cap (trompeta and rovelló) mushrooms from Catalunya, or the raw concha finas of Málaga and the Costa del Sol. Above all, Sobremesa en España is designed to celebrate the fruits and harvests of the land and sea, and then enjoy that splendor at a table with your loved ones, or simply by yourself with an excellent Rioja

Retiro Park, Madrid at dusk.

Sant Josep, Mercat La Boqueria, Barcelona, Catalonia. 

Concha Finas from Malaga, Spain on the halfshell. 

La Alhambra, Granada, Spain. 

The coast of Galicia, Spain where some of the finest and freshest seafood is captured. 

Malaga, Spain. Playa del Balneario. 

Buen Provecho, Bon Profit, Bon Appetite, Bon Appetit to all of you during your sobremesa


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