You're American, you must eat McDonald's everyday | Gourmet Burgers at Bacao and Kiosko, Barcelona

There are some stereotypes that we will never rid ourselves of. This is due in part to globalization, commercialism and just plain ignorance- muchas gracias a Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Ford. A popular topic I fight is that I'm addicted to fast food, but even worse is the idea that many foreigners believe these monstrous chains (Burger King, McD's) create the best hamburgers and cheeseburgers in America, and perhaps the world. Very far from the truth. None the less, I do take the consumption of burgers very seriously and I hold what few objects we can claim as "American food" close to the heart and stomach. Therefore I revel in the delightment of coming across burger joints abroad that cook up a mean patty.

A recent Saturday afternoon jaunt for typical Catalan tapas had me stranded with a hungry tummy as the shutters were closing on all my favorite spots. Plan B was to satisfy the butifarra protein craving with a well-made alternative.  This led us to a no-fuss and clean "hole-in-the-wall", Bacoa, which is located in front of Barcelona's Mercat de Santa Caterina. The immediate smell of grilling beef had my mouth watering. The menu is simple and straightforward, the prices correct- burgers, fries (chips for my British English followers), fixins and drinks- although all ingredients more complex and fresh. Including, ground beef and lamb from various regions of Spain (some of it organic), onions from Figueres, Catalunya, homemade sauces, D.O. cheeses - like the ever popular Manchego- and fresh baked bread and broiches brought from a trusted local bakery (we're close enough to France anyways!). Hefty portions, weighing in at least at 200 grams, or nearly a half-pound of meat, satisfy even the biggest appetites.

The burgers arrive, tienen buena pinta, they look good. But really, a gourmet burger in Catalonia? Well the City Hall has termed it the best burger in Barcelona.  The first bite confirms that frontiers and borders don't have anything to do with quality and taste and presumptions are silly inventions of our cultural upbringing. This is legit and it doesn't need a USDA stamp. In fact an Australian, Brad Ainsworth, now a resident of Barcelona has reaped the new found glory of Bacoa for almost 9 months. Leading him to the recent opening of Kiosko Burger, and giving us another excuse to roam the cobblestone streets of the Gothic and Born districts as long as we can fill our bellies.

Homemade sauces at Kiosko Burger, Calle de Argentina, Barcelona. 

Barcelona burgers at Bacao and Kiosko Burger

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