Off the Grid Travel Series | Photo Essay of Germany

Mannheim, Germany 

The sun sets in Mannheim. 

Stained glass inside the castle, Heidelberg, Germany. 

Dusk over Heidelberg. 

November in Heidelberg Germany. 

The river, the town and the glorious autumn. Heidelberg, Germany. 

Outside view of the the 13th century castle in Heidelberg. 

Stuttgart, Germany

Munich, Germany 

Haufbrauhaus, Munich, Germany 

Olympic structures, Munich

Olympic Pool, Munich, Germany. 

Olympic Park, Munich, Germany. 

Allianz Arena, Germany. 

Fall foliage in Munich's park. 

Surf's up, Munich, Germany. 

By far one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Surfing in the river, Munich. 

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