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Apparently my public is waiting for me to write this entry. So I apologize to those people if my tardiness may have affected their will to live, or carry on in a world without my poetic genius and wit.

So without further ado, I bring you a quick recollection of one of the most enjoyable dining experiences I've had in Spain since my arrival. The scene...the barrio of La Latina, Madrid on a Sunday evening. The restaurant...Juana La Loca. The environment...almost the entire restaurant to ourselves, which could've spelled disaster had it not been for the eager to help wait staff and the handsome secluded table in the corner. I had dined here before for a tapeo, at the height of it's rush hour, standing elbow to elbow with fellow costumers and had sampled a couple of stellar choices, including the Spanish omelette, or tortilla de patatas which holds the fame as being one of the best in Madrid's restaurant scene and of which I made reference to in my Txirimiri post. But this time the open space and the actual opportunity to sit down and enjoy a meal peaked our interest and tempted us to go outside of the tapa realm.

For a petit and cozy place, the menu is rather extensive and varied - no problem catering to fussy eaters here - although for the record that doesn't describe my or my dining partner's eating habits. We began with a couple cold samples, but course by course the dishes that arrived from the kitchen continued to surprise our tastebuds, climbing like a symphonic crescendo. I could rant on and on about the complex tastes and textures of each dish that we tried, although as you will see from below, the pictures do a lot of the talking. I recommend exploring the menu, while the pinchos are tempting as they stare at you the moment you enter the door, they are served cold and rather pricey. The best recommendation I can offer is to add JTL as a must see/do for your Madrid itinerary. I know I will be making repeat performances to that tiny table, hoping to be swept away into gastronomic bliss, and contrary (as well as thankfully) to that of history, this Juana does not tell a story of lost love or the downfall of the royal courts.

Famous pincho at Juana La Loca- tortilla de patata con cebolla confitada - Spanish omelette with caramelized onions. Could this be the best tortilla de patata in Madrid?
This dish really surprised me. Albacore (bonito) carpaccio with rice crisps and almond oil from Juana La Loca Madrid- amazing!!! 

Gorgonzola Gnocchi at Juana la Loca Madrid. Excuse the poor camera skills, the flavors in the least were tasty. 

Aren't raspberries some of the most beautiful fruits on this planet? The belle of the ball - White chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries and dried strawberry flakes on a French cookie base from Juana La Loca

For me, on this particular night, the dessert was worth the trip to Juana La Loca La Latina.  


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