My (temporary) Farewell to Barcelona. All good things must come to an end...until you come back for a visit

How do you say goodbye to a city you fell in love with? To a city that teased and pranced on top of your tastebuds everyday? Well you repay it, doing the same things you always did, but at hyperspeed.  And so this is how I showed by appreciation and gratitude for all the things that Barcelona had shared with me, my stomach and my heart this last year - in a weekend whirlwind gastronomic tour.

Well let's not be overdramatic, I had an entire year to try new restaurants, check-off from the to-do list, build favorites, establish rapport with the vendors at the fish market and stop at nearly every ice cream shop (heladeria) in the city. But in realizing the end date was near, I became rather ansy to return to my haunts and attempt to savour those tastes and flavors permanently.

Barcelona may be recognized for Gaudí, the Mediterranean coastline, and the tourists wandering and losing their wallets on La Rambla. But for me, it became a culinary mecca, where the corner bar to the 2 Michelin starred renowned chefs' restaurants could produce plates to die for. In this "shortened" list, I pay homage to my go-to spots, which depending on my budget ranged from the everyday go-to (like Sirvent, which I did go to everyday!), to the you HAVE TO GO TO this place at least once in your life.

1. Sirvent

2. La Granja Viader

3. Tickets

4. Bar Tomas

5. Baluard Barceloneta

6. Turris

7. Pinotxo

8. La Cova Fumada

9. Sagas

10. Pulpería A'Gundiña

*Little by little, I'll be posting my comments about the above sites. Check in soon!

Carrer del Bisbe. Barcelona. Barri Gòtic. 

La Cuidad Condal

Temple de Sagrat Cor. Barcelona.

Casa La Pedrera by Gaudí. Passeig de Gràcia. Barcelona.


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