Summer in the city, a lovin' spoonful | Cremeria Toscana Gelato in Barcelona

Thanks Dad for living through the 60s. While during this decade he and his friends were experimenting with other kinds of "sugar," he instilled in me the importance of quenching one's desire to satisfy a sweet tooth, and for that I must thank him, as well as supplying me with this clever pun to entitle this blog entry.

So in the summer, in the city, in Barcelona, where does one go for a good scoop, or three, of homemade ice cream?  Cremeria Toscana would be the spot.

Handmade, artisan ice cream, in an unpretentious "homey" setting. The owners are Italian and produce all the flavors, 25 different kinds on a given day (creamy and fruit varieties), in the traditional manner that gelato is created, ensuring that it never freezes solid. Generously laced with quality ingredients, you'll find tasty chunks of chocolate, coconut, vanilla bean, mango, etc. Off the beaten path of tourism in Barcelona, probably folks only find this place by accident or word of mouth, like I did, and ironically given it's authenticity I've never seen a line at this place, and there should be. During my last visit there, the owner's family was sharing some moments downstairs near the gelato cases, chatting away in Italian and smacking their lips at their father's (uncle's, brother's) masterpiece. They almost didn't notice a customer had come in, and although they are entreprenuers, as in the old country, family is still the most important part of life. I give them kudos for that, as well as the creamy pistacho, hazelnut, white chocolate, fig, peach and raspberry.

Take-away or sit down in their air-conditioned two story lounge. I may not be a gelato expert (my time spent in Italy is slim) however, my friend Crisara who lived there for some time and swears she ate her fair share of it, confirms that this is one of the best ice creams in Barcelona, la crème de la crème.

Cremeria Toscana
Carrer Muntaner 161
Barcelona, 08036
District: Esquerra Eixample
Open: Tuesday- Thursday 13:00-midnight, Friday and Saturday 13:00-1:00am, Sunday 12:00-22:00
Metro: Diagonal

Other top-notch ice cream and gelato in Barcelona:

Gelateria Gocce di Latte 
Pla de Palau 4, Barcelona (La Ribera - neighborhood) 
Metro: Jaume 1  / or Barceloneta

and don't forget the city's horchata culture


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