Off the Grid Travel Series: Photo Essay Istanbul, Turkey

Crossroads between Europe and Asia. In my wildest imagination I wouldn't have ventured to believe that I would arrive to Istanbul, (not Constantinople). But when the opportunity to catch a non-stop flight to Barcelona tempted me, I couldn't resist and I've been wishing ever since that I could go back. The food for one was amazing (still one of the best fillets of fish - not the McDonald's version - that I've eaten), the quality of life seemed high, the people I met where highly educated, modern and open. Even through the language barriers, I encountered souls that looked upon me in a way I also hadn't expected them to. The next trip will indeed need to be longer, more thorough, and wider spread - a whole other Turkey awaits across the sea.

View to the Yeni Mosque (New Mosque) from the Galata Bridge, Istanbul. 

Picking out the freshest catch of the day. Istanbul. 

Movement inside the mosque, Istanbul, 2010. 

Outside the Hagia Sofia. Istanbul. 

Baklava, glorious baklava. 

Turkish locals engaged in conversation. 

Leave it to Anthony Bourdain to have us all seeking out rice stuff mussels at the port of Istanbul. 

The most delicious baklava!! I wish I could tell you where it was. Somewhere in Kadikoy. 

A lime-orange. Island of Heybeliada, Turkey.  

Cucumbers and a scale. Heybeliada, Turkey. 

Night market in Kadikoy, Turkey.  

Locals on the street. Istanbul. 

Turkish tea. Istanbul. 

Taksim trolley. Istanbul. 

Turkish pizza. Lahmacun. 

Turkish delight. Istanbul. 

Don't worry, be happy. Turkish man with worry beads. Istanbul. 


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