Breakfasts and Meriendas of Champions | La Mallorquina, Madrid, Spain

A few posts ago I wrote about my sweet tooth. I've got a big one, and that tooth just got a little more rebellious. So much so that Tuesday I had my first root canal. I always imagined that was a thing for "older people", so either I'm getting up there or my sugar addiction is on overdrive. After I healed, or should I rephrase, after my tooth forgave me for killing it's nerve, I got that sensation again that I had to have something sweet. For that I only needed 2€, some patience to brave the crowded corners of Plaza del Sol and some motivation to catch the metro.

Being in Europe has done something to my breakfast habits. Back in the States, morning mealtime was always preached as being the most important part of the day. Abstaining from breakfast equaled no energy and no manner for your metabolism to get a move-on. While some Americans heeded this as signifying a healthy start- yogurt, fruit and sources of fiber- many restaurants, fast-food chains, and big industrial brands started selling us the "American breakfast", which in turn has created or furthered the stereotype Europeans have of us that we consume and consume and consume. I still lean towards the fiber enriched model, not bacon, eggs, and potatoes, but overall I've noted a decrease in breakfast portions. However, when I completely fight my breakfast standards and listen to my tooth, there is nothing sweeter than a Spanish breakfast, un cafe con leche y un bollo (latte with a croissant or some sort of pastry equivalent).

What better way to start the day than satisfying this carb/sugar driving need at La Mallorquina, one of Madrid's oldest running bakeries (since 1894) located smack-dab in the prime real estate of Kilometer Zero, or Plaza del Sol.

It's not only in the heart of the city, but also is at the soul of the Madrileño culture, and to this day you will see locals lining up for their cream specialties, napolitanas, a Spanish cream filled version of France's pain au chocolat (but don't tell them I told you that). The sugar-hunting onlooker will soon be dizzy from the selection and speed at which one orders, receives and is pushed to the door to finally unwrap their delicacy in open air. La Mallorquina is not recommended for the passive, nervous or claustrophobic. It's always packed, holidays are a nightmare (but you've got to get your turrones y bombones), and patience is a must as you wait for you space at the coffee bar. However, if you've got a little bounce in your step, can handle the to-go section, and won't let that Spanish abuela take your turn in line- don't let her fool you with her fur coat, cane and tinted red hair- then the sweets that await you are surely some of the most delicious and most anecdotal in Madrid's history.

We sampled the ensaimada filled with almond paste 

Finally our own space at the bar

La Mallorquina
+34 915 21 12 01 
Puerta del Sol 8
Madrid, Spain 28013
Metro: Sol

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P.S. a "secret" room/cafeteria is above the hustle and bustle of the main floor and some will argue that one table is carved out with the best view in Madrid. 


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