Off the Grid Travel Series | Faro, Portugal Part 2

If you've arrived here from search, welcome! Also check out Off the Grid: Faro Portugal Part I, with more photos, beach recommendations and traditional meals.

Very fresh, very rigid sardines!! Algarve, Portugal. 


You know you're officially in Portugal when you see Bacalhau. 

Black spot sea breams. Algarve, Portugal. 

The storm is a coming. Algarve, Portugal. 

Vintage signage, Algarve, Portugal. 

Seafood and shrimp the size of your head. Algarve, Portugal. 

Super Bock, Super Portuguese. 

Cemetery in Estoi, Portugal

Estoi, Algarve, Portugal

Church in the main plaza of Estoi, Portugal

And these doors! I'd like to rip it off and put it in the dining room. 

Pasteis de nata. Faro, Portugal.  

May I have some croissant with my sugar, please? Faro, Portugal. 

LOVE Portuguese architecture. 

Here's looking at you kid. 


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