Tangier, Morocco | A Travel Photo Essay

Before arriving to Spain, what I knew of Morocco mainly consisted of desert scenery, Berber hoods-men, Indian Jones-esque alleys littered with dates and monkeys, as well as cheesy screen outtakes from Casablanca. I still have A LOT of the country to get through, and I know its food, colors, smells and mystery will keep drawing me back, showing me the truth behind all of my previous understandings, or misunderstandings.

This is a compilation of my two trips to Morocco in 2011, which I spent predominately, along the coastline from Tangier to Larache.

From our hotel, La Tangerina. Tangier, Morocco. 

Cinema Rif, Tangier, Morocco. 

Grand Cafe de Paris. One of Tangier's emblematic spots. 

City life. Tangier, Morocco. 

Textile weaving. 

Looking out onto the Straight of Gibraltar. Tangier, Morocco. 

Contemplating along the Atlantic coast. Morocco. 

Market items on display. Larache, Morocco. 

The harbor, Larache, Morocco. 

Panoramic shot, Larache, Morocco. 

Abandon and unkempt castle, Larache, Morocco. 

Larache, Morocco. 

Larache, Morocco. 

A young Moroccan boy. 

Daily activity at the market. 

Graffiti, Morocco. 

Tangier, Morocco. 

Speciale. Moroccan beer. 

Moroccan mint tea at Hamadi. 

Moroccan tile floors (Spanish influence? or vice versa?)

Art Gallery Delacroix. Tangier, Morocco. 

I absolutely loved this door. Dilapidated but with a story to tell. Tangier, Morocco. 

In time for the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. Northern Morocco. 

El mercado de Larache. Fresh foods market.

Preserved lemons, Larache, Morocco. 

Old Spanish Diplomatic Housing/Offices. Larache, Morocco. 

Matadero. Abattoir. Slaughterhouse still in use. Larache, Morocco. 

Paintings of indigenous women. Larache, Morocco. 

Larache, Morocco. Scenes of the seashore, and river in the background. 


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