Travel Photo Essay | Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva: banks, watches, a large lake, chocolate and cheese. That's all? Nope. 

Chocolate shop in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Marzipan in Switzerland (the Cartier sign in the background is purely accidental).

Geneva at dusk. 

Flea market time. Geneva, Switzerland. 

Porcelain for all! Geneva, Switzerland. 

Did somebody say cheese? 

Fall was a fantastically beautiful time of the year to visit Geneva. La Jonction. 

More chocolate, please. Philippe Pascoet, Geneva. 

Picnic lunches and chats along Lake Geneva. 

Old and new architecture throughout Geneva's city center. 

Fresh produce and my personal favorite - raspberries, a Swiss slow food! 

Spiced cakes, love them. Europe (OK Spain in particular) needs more of these things! 

Have you been to Geneva? What left an impression on your travels? 


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