Madrid Fusión 2012: A Photo Journey, Day 2

Day Two of #MFM2012 was just as exciting, if not more than Day One. Take a peek! 

What Spanish "party" would be legit (too legit to quit!) without JAMÓN?! Specifically the Iberian race fed on acorns. This lovely black footed specimen comes from Juan Pedro Domecq.

The white spots or marks are commonly seen and are an amino acid, thyroxine, that forms in Iberian Hams and can be attributed to an unhurried and healthy maturing process. 

Many of Spain's most recognized Dominaciónes de Origen were on display throughout Madrid Fusión, including Torta del Casar, from Extremadura, Spain on the Western boarder. The sheep's milk (only from Merino or Entrefina) in this cheese is curdled with wild thistles. 

Andoni Luis Aduriz asking the hard questions to Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Billet of Intellectual Ventures. These men are geniuses! 
More "cut aways" from his cookbook Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking

I suggest you research further into Nathan's philosophy and work, it's truly fascinating and revealing. As far as super scientists go, he is also an engaging speaker, this was a TED talk from July, 2011. 

Chefs and judges (Paco Roncero, left) taste the winning tapa. 

The tapa, described as a  "new" take on gazpacho, by Francisco Flores, won him first prize in the "Tapas de Diseño" contest.

#Gastrobotanicapower Chef Rodrigo de la Calle, who runs the kitchen of the restaurant/wine bar of the same name, and is the recent recipient of a Michelin star in Aranjuez, Spain, created a variety of "sweet" dishes using tubers. Top photo is his beet tartar, and below potato dessert. 


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