Madrid Fusión 2012: A Photo Journey, Day 3

Welcome, to the final day of Madrid Fusión in this photo log. There was a lot to take in during those three days and a lot to look forward to in the future. While Ferran Adrià wasn't present at this year's summit, it is clear that many others are working to fill his shoes or even surpass him. Meanwhile, I continued eating. Please also read my article written for

I sampled caviar produced in the northwest mountain region of Catalonia. Caviar Nacarii is a rather new company in the gourmet sector, practicing and cultivating in an old-fashioned manner. 

Veta la Palma is an aquafarm outside of Sevilla, Spain which produces 1,200 tons of seafood a year. While I am not a huge fan of this type of production, VLP has created a farm that has seen ecological benefits, the greatest being that it is now home to 600,000 birds of 250 species. 

Quiet and reserved but when he does speak everything makes sense, every piece of grass has a purpose. Andoni Luis Aduriz of @Mugaritz

Using flaxseeds Andoni and his team created a "cheese" to play with what our minds think looks and tastes like cheese, but is not. Or is it? Served with fresh mushrooms and herbs from the restaurant's garden. 

"hoja de camelia transformada" Transformed Camellia Flower Leaf at Mugaritz 

"gambas con piedras del rio" Shrimp on River Stones by Mexican Chef Daniel Ovadia

Black dishes. Morbid, maybe? Interesting, yes. The kitchen and techniques of chef Paul Liebrandt and Corton NYC

My greatest take away was the influence of vegetables now being seen in the alta cocina. Not that they haven't been present before, but they are now becoming the protagonists of plates or even vegan restaurants, like Kajitsu in New York. 

"guisantes con algas" Peas with seaweed and fresh flowers

These two dishes were created by Sergio Bastard and are deamed "New Cantabrian Cuisine." 

"puerros con jugo de Carico" Mini leeks with a local bean broth


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