Camera Angles: HostelBookers 7 Super Shots

The folks at HostelBookers recently launched 7 Super Shots. Their call to action has been circling around the blogosphere at many of the travel and food sites that I follow. I first ran across Lost in Cheeseland's shots and later was reminded by Globotreks and Young Adventuress that I owe all of you readers a peek into Jamon y Vino's camera lens. Like the other participants and perfectionists that I share the stage with, it was sure hard to pick my favorites - but I hope you'll enjoy the finalists!

1) A photo that takes my breath away....

I exited a small alley at dusk and turning the corner encountered this beautiful sunset. I was so nervous that I would miss the shot as I fumbled open my camera without changing any settings and grabbed this, which ultimately ending up being the best one.

2) A photo that makes me laugh or smile...

Upon arriving I waited impatiently for this gentleman to leave, as I was only interested in capturing the bull scene/sculpture behind him at Madrid's famous Plaza de Toros Las Ventas. But then he jumped onto the bull's horns and began somersaulting and preforming various pike positions and aerobatic tricks! Moments later a "strong" twenty-something attempted the same thing and failed. That also made me giggle.

3) A photo that makes me dream...

Spain is witnessing one of the worst recessions in the country's history. Millions of people are unemployed, losing hope and frustrated with the government's policies and budget cuts targeted at healthcare, education and infrastructure. This photo, taken on a warm and sunny day in Madrid October 15, 2011 makes me dream because it shows that the human race is capable of #globalchange and standing up for what they believe is right for our future. 

4) A photo that makes me think...

Really no words are needed here. But I do wonder what this man was thinking or worrying about whilst he walked around Istambul, Turkey.

5) A photo that makes my mouth water...

For many the torrija is probably an unfamiliar sight, but regardless of whether or not you have tasted this Spanish dessert typical of Easter, it should make your mouth water!!

6) A photo that tells a story...

Every August and Christmas my boyfriend has gone to visit his relatives outside of Tangier. The "matadero" or slaughterhouse in Larache, Morocco sits on the border of history and reality, the back door facing the sea and Spain and the front door open to its current Moroccan state, while also drawing attention to the cultural mixture of the Islamic and Christian calendars (1335 and 1917).

7) A photo that I am most proud of (aka National Geographic worthy)...

Another photo opportunity in Morocco. I couldn't have asked for a better blend of sun, shadows and the perfectly eloquent stroll this hooded man rendered to this picture shot in one of Tangier's main squares. I also love the clear blue sky and the blatant clock tower which tells time to all who pass, however, time doesn't seem to matter to this man nor to this moment.

I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots. If you enjoyed my photos, you can follow along at Twitter and see other selections under the hashtag #7SuperShots

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