Hump Day: Pastelería Bresal, Sweets from Málaga, Spain

We continue with our second edition of Hump Day here at Sobremesa in Spain. Today we journey south to Andalusia, where the accent gets a little rougher, but the character of the people much friendlier and warmer - or they say. I have found this to be true, yet you may call me biased as my boyfriend hails from Málaga, the capital of the province of the same name. It also happens to be one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean with a population of 600,000. This leaves much to be discovered and certainly much to eat!

From left to right: Chocolate, Custard, Lemon and Mocha profiteroles from Pastelería Bresal 
I propose that when you are in Málaga you stop by Pastelería Bresal, a classic bakery that has years of history in the city. Before my boyfriend's parents were married, it was their go-to spot for chatting and meriendas after university classes, and it still remains important to the community. Perhaps most famous, or most commonly ordered are the profiteroles, otherwise known as cream puffs. They are made with much care, always fresh, fluffy texture and perfectly balanced fillings. I dare you to eat just one!!

Pastelería Bresal (David Prado Peña)
Calle Navas de Tolosa 23
29016, Málaga, Spain
+34 952 21 03 85


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