Locals Only Madrid: Sabores Patagonicos, Argentinian Café and Pastry Shop

It's always very overwhelming when you arrive to a new city and have no idea where to go. Avenida de America, near to our apartment, is one of Madrid's largest transportation hubs. Coming and going from this point are 4 lines of Madrid's efficient metro, suburban, national and international buses, as well as Cercanias trains (short-distance local rail). I remember that feeling in Madrid, as well as in other cities, when I submerged from the underground or cruised into the train or bus station and only saw residential "normal" looking -perhaps even tacky- buildings and shops with no sign of charm or familiarity to the city's postcards. Generally these mega-transportation centers are outside of the city center, built most likely in the 1970s or early 1980s and haven't changed since then. So I understand for any traveler, you would quickly pass on this area of the city, the city altogether, or frightfully have to concede to grabbing an ugly sandwich or a bad coffee at one of the bars directly in front of the station before your train or bus leaves.

So if you see a bunch of people sitting on a restaurant's terrace with large luggage pieces, turn around; you will save yourself a lot of strife and not to mention a few pavos. Have no fear, there is no need to fall into this trap, alas just around the corner you can find pleasant things to eat and an environment more joyful and certainly less contaminated.

I recommend Sabores Patagonicos owned by the Argentinian couple Monica and Sergio. They have run their business for 4 years in the neighborhood of Prosperidad/Avenida de America and happily serve up breads, baked goods, coffee, tea and even very affordable lunch menus to locals. That's right, I said locals- so I challenge you to be the first extranjero (out-of-towner) to walk that extra five minutes from the station to their welcoming cafe.

Without a doubt their Argentinian delicacies are their most commonly ordered items. Why not break the monotony of a Spanish bocadillo with an empanadilla, stuffed with chicken, mozzarella & basil, or raisins, olives & ground beef? They also sell products such as yerba mate tea and the ever popular Havanna brand of boxed alfajores. But the sweets and in-house specialties should be enough to tide you over.


Beautiful handmade cakes & tarts to take home for a special occasion or just because you deserve it!

Relax with a coffee for breakfast or an afternoon merienda or stop by for one of their weekly lunch specials, a great deal at 6.90€

One of the many variations of alfajor that you can choose from. This variety is made with corn flour and filled with dulce de leche, but there are others made of standard wheat flour and covered in chocolate (white and dark). 


Sabores Patagonicos
Calle Clara del Rey 11
Madrid 28002 Spain 
+34 91 415 13 53


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