Alimentaria 2012: A Photo Journey Part 1

Alimentaria 2012 in Barcelona; a sensory overload, easily the size of a city, with worldwide presence and representation of the biggest names in the food industry as well as the up and coming. Part One follows my adventures through the Dairy and Beverage sections of the expo. 

Enjoy and stay tuned for Part Deux. 

Anticipated participants await entrance into the expo center at Fira de Barcelona in Llobregat. 

Welcome! Welcome! Business suits everywhere, lots of importing and exporting deals to be made! 

Visiting friends at their gourmet Spanish cheese corner. La Cabezuela an award winning goat's cheese from the mountain region of Madrid (far right) and El Rey Silo from the community of Asturias (center).

Pastoret a Catalan based dairy, cheese and yogurt company.
Pur Natur, out of Belgium, one of my favorite Bio yogurt brands - creamy and healthy for you with over a 100 year history. 

Eudelac displayed their range of fine cheeses, both imported and from Spain. 

A new heavyweight on the market? A Spanish brand, Original premium tonic water, showcasing standard, mint and rose (raspberry) to be paired for unique cocktail blends. 

A quick glimpse and you may think you've traveled back in time, but no, it was the creative stand of Barcelona's Cacaolat, the original recipe can still be sampled from Café Granja Viader. 

The other side of the Cacaolat stand, as well as the distribution truck. 

"El Bulli was also a beach bar" notes this ad from Estrella Damm promoting their Mediterráneanmeante campaign that has received large success and criticism in conjuction with catchy tunes, hot young people and even Ferran Adrià.

Typical eSpanish? Lots of big shots flocked to the chiringuito (beach bar) sponsored by beverage giant Grupo Damm


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