Hump Day | Traditional Desserts and Flan de Matò at Granja M.Viader Barcelona

I would say it's impossible to truly appreciate Barcelona without visiting Granja M.Viader. A quaint and yellowish colored glow (if open) radiates from a narrow alley behind Las Ramblas. Inside, this milk-bar and café established in 1870, holds on to its history, allure and retro-look. It's an authentic part of the gastronomic history of the city. The truth is, Spain in general and specifically regions like Cataluña take their flan very seriously, as well as their dairy products. Matò a Catalan fresh cheese made from mostly cow's, but occasionally sheep's or goat's milk - with no salt added - is typically served as a dessert cheese with honey and walnuts or alone as an ingredient, much like Italian ricotta. There have been matò (requesón in Spanish) recipes discovered from the 14th century, emphasizing the importance of this component in Catalan cuisine since the Middle Ages.

Granja M.Viader offers a unique introduction to matò and flan in their flan de matò; silky, not overly sugared, allowing for the tang of the lactose flavors to shine through, while you still recognize the dessert texture and sweetness. ¡Riquísimo!

Their homemade sweets and snacks are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, for breakfast, merienda or dessert. Try also their other flans, crema catalana, pastries, hot chocolate or a glass of horchata.

Granja M.Viader 
Carrer d'en Xuclà 4-6
08001 Barcelona Catalonia
+34 933 18 34 86
Metro: Liceu L3 and Plaça Catalunya L3 L6 L7

Tuesday through Saturday 9:00am to 1:30pm 
Monday through Saturday 5pm to 8:30pm 
Closed Sundays, Holidays and Monday mornings

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