Hump Day: Moulin Chocolat Madrid, Spain

A couple months ago I brought to your attention Barcelona, where some artisans are getting serious about bread again. Madrid still is waiting for their gluten master to step up to the plate, however you can find some kick-ass pasteleros (pastry chefs) - and in this case with almond flour - doing good things in the Spanish capital. One of those masters is Ricardo Martínez of Moulin Chocolat. I was first introduced to him at Madrid Fusion this year and since discovering his "I feel like I am in Paris" macarons I haven't stopped craving them or consuming them, and always insist that our walk to the city center from our apartment passes by their swank establishment right in front of Madrid's Retiro Park.

A fine specimen of macarons if I should say so myself. Clockwise from top; lemon, violet and rose. 

Surely one doesn't wake-up one day and make macarons, somewhere back in the history of his career he must have been bit by the French bug. And just that he did, after completing a culinary degree in Madrid, Ricardo enrolled in courses offered by French chocolate giant Valrhona. In 2003 he had a dream in which a windmill and a cocoa fruit were present, from that the idea for his own business was born and in December of 2006 Moulin Chocolat was formed - today this aha moment is represented in the company's logo. 

On a given day one can find their signature product in chocolate, coffee, lemon, raspberry, caramel with sea salt, pistachio, hazelnut, vanilla or even salty flavors such as foie gras. Aside from macarons, the entire shop is a paradise for sweet lovers and chocoholics; mousses, pastries (which change daily), assorted truffles, fruit tarts, cannelles, as well as ice cream and pound cakes (to-go). A delightful side-note is that the staff is helpful and friendly, to be frank, some of the warmest customer service I've received in Spain. 

Having seen the Kouign Amann from Biscayenne, a super chic baking blog out of Bilbao, Spain, I had this "butter cake" - as it is literally translated from Breton - on my mind.  So I got lazy, or maybe just couldn't resist the mouth watering sensation in the showcase window, and decided to buy from Moulin Chocolat, knowing my homemade version would likely have less satisfactory results. It didn't disappoint. And I highly doubt that other choices you make at Moulin Chocolat will let you down either.

The "I don't know how to pronounce this, but it is outstandingly tasty" Kouign Amann from Moulin Chocolat.  

Moulin Chocolat
Calle Alcalá 77
Madrid Spain
Metro: Retiro/ Velázquez
+34 914 318 145

Open Tuesday through Saturday 10.00 to 21.00 and Sundays 11.00 to 18.00
Closed on Mondays


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