Hump Day: Melimur Organic Honey

Spring has sprung! I have to admit it's one of my favorite seasons, as I am very much a warm weather person. But I'd also have to say that it's not the idea of going outside without a jacket, or holidays around the corner that get me really looking forward to the season. Actually it goes way back to childhood memories of growing up in Maryland and the saying of "April showers bring May flowers," that's right, I'm a sucker for wild flowers; daffodils, lavender, buttercups, baby's breath, poppies, sainfoin and honeysuckle. There is no better way to get face to face with these amazing species other than to get out to the countryside. Thankfully, almost every major city in Spain is wrapped by bountiful hills, mountains, plains or coastal vegetation, so a quick 30 minute trip at the right time of year will drop you into the nucleus of springtime.

 So with all this daydreaming of spring flowers, pollen and warm gentle winds...I also start to ponder on one of my favorite, if not my favorite supplements from nature - HONEY! Thankfully I am neither allergic to pollen nor do I have a fear of bees, so my wish is that the honey bees and the wild flowers have an opportunity to live in harmony for thousands of light years. P.S. If you haven't read up on the honey bee crisis, do so now!

This Wednesday, Hump Day, we journey to Murcia, a rather mysterious land as Sobremesa in Spain has yet to venture to the south-eastern seaboard of Spain, yet it's about time because a lot of gems await us there! Including this delectable organic honey, Melimur. The land where these bees feast on wild flowers is completely virgin, 500 km from the closest city, denying harmful pollution and free radicals from entering the honey. It's pure, floral and sweet as can be. I've been smothering cheesecakes, strawberries, yogurts and toasted bread with this liquid gold and receiving much praise from the BF and my very own taste buds. Who knew regurgitation could be so lovely?

In Spain you can purchase Melimur honey at El Corte Inglés or your local Hipercor. Ask your health food store if they carry it, or shop online at MiSupermercado. Average price tag of a 500 gram jar is 4.50€.


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