Hump Day: Mercado de La Paz, One of Madrid's Premium Markets

A photo journey through one of Madrid's covered municipal markets in the Salamanca district, Mercado de La Paz, translated to Peace Market, has a history dating back to 1882. Many shoppers are locals, while others come from outside of their barrio (neighborhood) to get their hands on some of the freshest seafood and ingredients Madrid has to offer. Others simply prefer this market to others because of its set-up, plethora of offerings and "high class" clientele - cheese, meats, seafood, restaurant and bar, a tailor, a key-maker and even a dry cleaner can be found here. There is something for everyone at this town market tucked between two streets perpendicular to La Castellana; it is somewhat isolated from heavy traffic or crowds yet well connected to downtown. 

 My soft spot for Joselito jamón and cured meats! 

A view of some of the gourmet stands at el Mercado de la Paz, on the right sits Hamburguesa Nostra, one of Spain's fastest growing butchers now providing 30 varieties of hamburgers to take-away, or in some markets you choose your meat and they grill it there on the premises. 

Fruits of the season (or not, say Chile or Peru). As Sobremesa in Spain has discussed before, try to buy organic, but if you can't, at least buy what comes from your local area. Be sure to ask the vendor where the artichokes, spinach or potatoes were grown. For example: "¿De dónde viene las alcachofas, espinacas y patatas?" or "¿De dónde son?" and point to the product. 

Centollo (spider crabs) and buey (standard crabs) on display. 

Coming and going to and from the market. A flower shop and a great cheese shop stand in the outer portion of the market, at the Calle Ayala entrance. 

Mercado de la Paz
Calle de Ayala 28
28001 Madrid Spain
District: Salamanca
Transportation in Metro: Serrano or Velazquez

Mondays- Fridays 9:00-14:30 and 17:00-19:30
Saturdays 9:00-14:00
Closed Sundays and Holidays


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