Hump Day | Papa Arrugadas and Mojo Picón from the Canary Islands

Last week I gave you a photographic journey through Lanzarote, as you must have noticed, it's a precious land mass with much to offer the eyes, ears, soul and belly. Today let's focus on some of their traditional eats; papas arrugas and mojo picón.

One should not visit Lanzarote, nor the Canary Islands for that matter, without trying the papas arrugas or commonly called papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) and mojo picón (spicy dipping sauce). Curiously enough in the Canaries, potatoes are called papas - not patatas as in the rest of Spain - and have been cultivated on the islands since the 1600s when the crop was brought from the Americas.  The recipe is rather simple, requiring a special breed of small potatoes (so that the flavored is held when cooked). They are boiled in water with coarse sea salt, and then baked, which leaves that dusty coating on the potato skins. Often they are cut open, slathered with red mojo picón as an appetizer or side dish with a plate of fresh grilled fish. Sometimes, as you will see in the first and final photo, the mojo cilantro, a green sauce, accompanies the dish. Either way you smother it, the sauce is adictivo! I can't get enough of it when I am in the islands, and manage to find a whole bunch of new ways to spread the love; on omlettes, fried cheese, a modified tuna salad, or meat (as the Argentinians would use chimichurri). 

Homemade mojo picón of the Canary Islands, typically created with red peppers, olive oil, garlic, cumin and paprika. 

Above the mojo cilantro, produced by a popular family run business Guachinerfe


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