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In the busy plaza of Canalejas, just outside the Puerta del Sol - the center of Madrid and furthermore Spain - lies a tiny wooden framed candy store, that often goes unnoticed by those that pass it by. Pressing one's nose against the glass, and the color violet will make itself known, just as this primary color of a rainbow would reach you when least expecting it.
Selling the "flavor of Madrid" since 1915, La Violeta specializes in violetas, violet candies and natural violet flowers in crystallized form, as well as many other sweets like typical bonbons, marrons glacés (candied chestnuts) and caramels of assorted flavors.

An acquired taste? Perhaps. For the generation of elderly Spaniards, a time-warp to their childhood? Yes. A constant stream of locals and tourists, packing into the store just as tightly as the sweets themselves are tucked into their antique pill boxes or white to-go rectangles? Also yes. But does old have to mean over worn, outdated and obsolescent? Time will tell, but for the meantime, if you are curious at all to try one of Madrid's famous and quintessential food stories, pick up a box and try for yourself. If all else fails, you could always carefully re-wrap the package, ever so gently retie the bow, and re-gift to your grandmother.

 200 gram box of violet caramels (3€) in an elegant and simple box with original typography

La Violeta
Plaza de Canalejas, 6
Madrid, Spain 28014
Metro: Sol

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