Good Eggs | Rio Grande Huevos Ecológicos, Malaga, Spain

I recently had a friend tell me that happiness is opening a perfectly ripe and perfectly green avocado. She may be right, but I also wouldn't rule out the joy one feels when a perfectly gelatinous, bright yellowy yolked egg falls onto the skillet. Egg-cellent (I'm allowed one bad joke, no?!).

I've found that to increase your chances of finding a good egg, you have to look for small privately owned farms, organically fed and free range chickens. This is purely a personal preference however, I've seen enough videos of poor little chickens waddling and doing their business on top of one another in a constantly lit room that I'd long ago made up my mind.

Rio Grande, an organic farm out of Coín, Málaga, in the valley of Guadalhorce, and yes, in fact bordering a river, creates and markets in their ever so playful packaging the kind of eggs I want to buy. They carefully care for and nourish their chickens from birth to maturity. The animals have access to a full pasture and roam as they please, pecking at the grass and soil, partaking in a feast of herbs, seeds, insects and minerals, on top of their 100% vegetable (also organic) diet. Of course, like all things that take nutrients and flavors from the land, wine, chocolate, etc., the eggs' flavor could change pending the chickens' intake that week. Isn't that cool?! Much more interesting than a laboratory bird in which every egg is engineered to be identical to the one before and after. Besides which, supporting farmers who maintain sustainable farming practices is better for the whole environment, it compliments the circle of life and ensures there is no unnatural run-off after rainfall, erases the dangerous ammonia gases that exist in standard poultry houses and is better for you, me and the chickens - win, win and win.

Completely free of chemicals, antibiotics and growth hormones. As well as no genetically modified feed, or any other contaminate that could harm the land, the plants, animals or their environment.Certified and controlled by the C.A.A.E. As I said, a good egg. 

Beautiful, no? Different colors, different sizes, just like you and me. 

I'd recommend skipping some of the ultra touristy day trips in Malaga and heading over to the farm. While you are there you could pick up a bundle of their pacanas, a unique and uncommon variety of pecan nuts harvested by hand in November and December, then dried and generally consumed around Christmas time, but ready to eat all year long.

Get in touch with them about deliveries and pick-up:
Rio Grande
+34 952 45 28 46  or +34 659 82 74 86
Coin, Malaga, Spain

Purchase Rio Grande products at organic markets in Malaga (capital): 

Herboristeria Aloe
Calle Cristo de la Epidemia 12
29013 Malaga, Spain

Soy Natural
Avenida Mayorazgo 10
29016 Malaga, Spain


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