Gratitude. Things I'm Grateful For #1

A while back I started a routine with Antonio that before we went to bed we had to say five things that we were grateful for that day. These affirmations didn't last as long as I would have liked, and we soon got out of the habit of doing so.

Lately I've had some inspiration from other bloggers, in particular a very sweet lady over at The Cafe Cat, who has begun posts recognizing the things she loves. I'd like to start something similar here at Sobremesa In Spain, developing a weekly column to celebrate all of the good around me, all of the deliciousness my life has the gift of receiving, and simply to call out the positive I come across on my adventures. What better way than to share with you all through pictures, if I can't do so in person. Although I'm still challenging all of you to come for a visit already!

1. Impromptu moments of joy. La alegría de vivir.

These darling buskers took advantage of a sweltering hot day in Barcelona to spread a little happiness.

2. A perfect croissant. 

Not too burnt, flaky on the exterior, and doughy on the inside. Tarannà Café Barcelona, at the intersection of Carrer Parlament with Viladomat, bakes fresh croissants daily - one of the primary ingredients being butter from Brittany, France. Heavenly!  (Update March 2013, a reader let me know that Taranna receives these croissant frozen from France and bakes them on premise - still tasty and better than most of the other BCN pastries, but good to know). 

3. Creativity and Colors.

A painted door in the neighborhood of Gracià gives additional life to the barrio

4. Fresh and local seafood. 

I'm so very grateful for the abundance of local seafood at our disposal here in Barcelona and in the rest of Spain. These red beauties are the famed shrimps of the Costa Brava, known as gambas de Palamós. As consumers we have the right and duty to talk to our fish mongers about where their products come from, and make decisions based on locality, sustainability and methods of extraction.

5. Attention to detail. 

I've recently been tipped off about an über cool and tasty coffee stand in El Raval called Satan's Coffee Corner. Step up to the window of this boutique-y refurbished shop and order your espresso, cortado, flat white, or cappuccino, then watch as Marcos, fondly known as Satan, creates your cup with the care and eloquence of a 21st century James Dean skater. P.S. latte art included. 

 This week, what's been floating your boat? What are you grateful for? 


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