Hump Day | Cerveza La Loca Juana, Castile & Leon, Spain

When we travel, for the most part our itinerary blends well together - as we do - and there isn't too much down time or boredom; I don't go shopping, so he doesn't spend time sitting on the couch in the store's hallway, and if by some emergency situation we end up in a computer hardware store, he's quick on his purchases and we are off to a yummy lunch (generally my choice) or driving to a local cave or hilltop vantage point (his choice). However, sometimes something enters our plans that appeases the both of us, and this my friends is travel bliss. Another important piece to this equation was following the footprints of a local, Ruben of Cantagrullas, someone who understood our interests, commitments and had time to share on a Sunday afternoon.

A 13th century Gothic castle, a catapult and some beer for him. Indeed. Small batch craft beer, history and meeting the locals for me. Mmhmm. All together, the perfect afternoon-cap to our countryside agenda.

I'm speaking of Cerveza La Loca Juana of Castilla y Leon, Spain, one of the many microbrewery labels brewing their way onto the social and gastronomy scene by way of a new generation of artisans. Named after the infamous Juana La Loca, queen regnant, daughter of Isabel I and Ferdinand II, mother of Charles I, she suffered a long (living until 75 years of age in the 16th century!) and intense life of love, turmoil, depression, exile and fear. The beer however, is quite the opposite and from my investigation does not cause onsets of unhappiness or your family to turn their back on you.
Self proclaimed as a "European Pale Lager," this unfiltered, unprocessed, unpasteurized persimmon colored brew is the perfect compliment for a hot summer afternoon. If you are in the Valladolid area, I highly recommend you visit their unique space, a modern tasting area and retail space constructed in 2007 within the rocks of the castle of Iscar, Castillo de Iscar.

There she is, La Loca Juana. 

Malt and hops. Have you ever seen hops? They are flower clusters and they smell delicious! 

With intense clouds approaching, the boys did "their thing."

I took in the sweeping views of the wide open land of Castilla y Leon. 

In Cinderella fashion the lady in waiting sits atop her fluffy bedding. 

Visiting hours of the castle:
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 12:00 - 20:00

La Loca Juana beer tastings and brewery visits:
13:00 - 19:00

Monument grounds - free.
Tower "Torre del Homenaje" Tour - 2.50 euros.
Beer tasting - 4 euros.
Castle and beer tasting - 6 euros.


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