Locals Only Barcelona | Amazing Ice Cream and Gelato at Gelateria Gocce di Latte

Italian immigration is nothing new to Barcelona, and many centuries ago it was the other way around - or call it "kingdom interests." In fact Catalans often associate the Italian people (generally from the south) as being more closely related to themselves in language and culture than to the rest of Spain. History proves such a theory as the land between Naples and Sicily was once held by the Crown of Aragon; to this day within the island of Sardinia you will find people who parla català.

But I'm talking about a much bigger conquest here, a much more relevant one, for those of us who value putting quality food in our bellies over political mumbo-jumbo. Gocce di Latte, if I dare say is the most delicious gelato I've ever eaten (I take back my 2011 article since there is clearly a new leader in town), and since we all know that gelato is superior to ice cream on any given day, therefore this makes it the most delicious frozen milk product in Barcelona.

It's quite an adorable sight to watch them work side by side together, Rita hailing from Lecce and Matteo from Genoa, and they prove that putting the time, communicating with your patrons and being visionary in your craft, even pushing the limits of flavors - daring the public to jump outside of their comfort zone and try something new and exquisitely awesome - can conquer a population into believers. These two are on to something great here and they've only been doing it since June 2012, their first shot at a gelateria is a success and I expect big things from them. I feel fortunate to be the first English speaking writer to share their glory (go now, come on get on that bandwagon!!).

What you and I may know as ice cream is not gelato. At least not the "ice cream" from Gocce di Latte, the name stemming from Italian and meaning milk drops. Ice cream generally contains 10% milkfat content, while gelato boasts a skinny 3 to 8% butterfat. A lower fat content means that your taste buds are more susceptible to taste the true flavors of the product, the tones of the fruit, chocolate, or liquor stand out that much more. Additionally, gelato melts faster, as it is not served completely frozen, and the churning method differs; it's denser, during the mixing process gelato experts increase the custard base by 10 to 25% through aeration. But enough of this statistical crap, and onto important matters of business.

At Gocce di Latte you can literally see the artisan work put into each and every batch. Peek behind the glass to watch them make magic, which they somehow do using common household ingredients - I mean who doesn't have milk, fruit and sugar on their kitchen counter, but you try to make this! All of their small-batch gelato is made from fresh ingredients, most importantly seasonal fruit at the height of its ripeness. Aside from the glowing gelato case, ::pick your tongue off the floor!:: there are homemade yogurts available for consumption in drinking form or a thicker texture where you can add toppings from the free fixins bar. Or take-away a hand dipped popsicle, don't mind if I do. 

Do not miss this place when visiting Barcelona! Tell Rita Lauren sent you. 

Popsicle art at Gocce di Latte Barcelona. 

At first glance I was skeptical of Gocce di latte. It's located in a heavily trafficked area of the Born, a hip neighborhood already a tope with ice cream shops, crawling with tourists during hot sticky summers. But upon seeing this, I knew I was in for a treat. 

Friendly, attentive, superb! What more could you ask for? Gocce di Latte gelateria, Born, Barcelona. 

I've gone back a few more times in the past week - my hips don't lie - to see what's new on the menu, and Rita has pleasantly smiled (obviously proud, yet quite humble) about the "fresh off the gelato maker" cappuccino or a fig version that I hadn't seen before. Their star flavor seems to be a unique combination of pear, ginger and cinnamon, or at least the one people are talking about in the press - it is lovely, juicy and refreshing. On another visit I tried the chocolate with guindilla, which in the end was too much for me, it went down like a 65% dark bar then woke up the back of my mouth with a sharp kick of chile pepper, think Mexican hot chocolate. Personally, I'm more of a sweet cream with honey and saffron, or a lemon sherbet with cardamon kinda gal. I wish you luck choosing between stracciatella, panna cotta, mango, yogurt with wild berries, macadamia nut with brownie, coconut nutella, chocolate banana or another recent book mark, white chocolate ginger, tiny specks of white chocolate melt on your tongue with every spoonful, while every 3rd bite a tiny ginger nugget surfaces. 

En fin, this city just got a lot cooler. As if it wasn't already. 

Gocce di Latte - gelateria artigianale
Pla de Palau 4
08003 Barcelona Catalunya
+34 93 119 13 69
Foursquare: Gocce di Latte
Facebook: Gocce di Latte  


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