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As the farm to table movement rolls across the United States, Scandinavia and the UK, there exists a chef and restaurateur who has never done it any other way. Oriol Rovira the mastermind of Els Casals in Sagàs, a farm, rural B&B and Michelin starred restaurant, has opened along with Grupo Sagardi, Sagàs Pagesos, Cuiners & Co in the bustling - and evermore food conscious - capital of Catalonia. With the intention of bringing high quality, local and fast-service food to Barcelona, he and his team have joined forces to provide for roughly ninety percent of the products on the menu, the rest from nearby farms and providers, while menu inspiration is played up by Catalan influences  such as the house-made sobrasada, as well as from around the world, chicharrón of Mexico or pork buns a la David Chang of Momofuku.

Most of the creations come in sandwich and salad form, however Sagàs has also been gaining attention as providing some of the city's best patatas bravas. Sandwiches or bocadillos can be found everywhere in Spain, they are the go to snack for the country and the mandatory after-school meal of thousands. I recall on my first trip to Spain in 2004 that jumbo sandwiches were practically the only thing I ate (I was naive and walked away from that trip wishing only to eat salads for the rest of my life) - you simply walked into a bar and ordered between a few selections, usually with tomatoes and ham, pork fillets, cheese or tortilla española. Even today this custom is a popular, fast and cheap answer to killing the hunger pains. Sagàs is not this option. Every sandwich is carefully crafted between slices of freshly baked (unfrozen) bread, usually procured from the city's sustainable and quality bread movement bakeries, the filler ingredients are by no means supermarket purchased, the vegetables and roasted pork (which is usually on display along the back bar) have a face to go along with them, a trace back to their origin. Call it more expensive, more dignified or excellent design and marketing, but as the name suggests "pagesos, cuiners i co.," farmers, chefs and company, he's on to something and the city folks are biting. Literally.

Olives to start the meal at Oriol Rovira's Sagàs Barcelona. 

A blend of painted and dark treated wood with cool rustic accents and modern touches, as well as vintage advertising and old farm photographs line the walls, Sagàs Pagesos Cuiners & Co. 

Detail of the inside of Sagàs, Barcelona. 

I would have preferred to try the hamburger on this one. Stewed cow's tail with tomato and onion. Rabo de vaca guisada "en pepito" con dados de tomate, cebolla tierna, y nueces. 12€ 

The Sicilia. Smoked sardines with arugula, on bruschetta. Interesting and excellent! 12€

Could these be the best patatas bravas in the city? Over Bar Tomás? Some say yes. Agria potatoes with romesco and chili sauce, and allioli. 6€

Sagàs Pagesos, Cuiners & Co.
Plà del Palau 13
08003 Barcelona, Catalunya
Metro: Barceloneta and/or Jaume I
+34 933 10 24 34

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