Ponderings and more from Vosges Chocolate and the Barcelona Bar

I would guess that all of us struggle to get through some days, to believe in ourselves, our work. At least I have these days. I wanted to share a passage from Vosges Chocolate creator Katrina Markoff. At a very tender age she was a crucial component in changing the gourmet chocolate landscape, introducing never-heard-of-before flavors, and building a $30 million business (last year's earnings). After attending Le Cordon Bleu, she apprenticed for Ferran Adria, which afterwards he suggested that she travel for inspiration.

Here's to all of those that seek out what they love.

"I think it's really important for women to have confidence in her individuality and not try to conform to being someone she thinks she needs to be, to compete in the legal world or in the corporate world. 

It's so important to find your own voice. People respect it so much. People are very attracted to people who are passionate in their own way, that are respectful, but that are smart and speak their mind. 

You have this guiding light within yourself. Always go to that as your sounding board and your voice of truth. Follow that instinctual space in your solar plexus - you know, that place that says what you need to do is right or wrong. Following that gut instinct is so critical. You have to have your little niche and carve it out and then follow it with all your heart and success will come to you.

Katrina was so enamored with her experience in Catalonia and Spain that she named one of her chocolate bars after it, the Barcelona bar. Now one of the most popular bars from the exotic line of chocolates, each one is packed with an homage to the Mediterranean, sprinkled with sea salt and Marcona almonds; nuts that have a sweeter more delicate taste and a rather stout shape and that Spaniards have become quite accustomed to having accompany their cheese plates or musico desserts. You can read the full article on CNN.

 Detail of a facade in Barcelona. 

 A rarely empty street in Barcelona, Catalonia. 


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