Things I'm Grateful For #2

Our second installment of the things, foods and inspirations I've been so blessed to witness.

1. Patatas Bravas done the right way.

Every bar serves them, but when someone does them as they should the whole table celebrates. This pretty little dish, that some will classify as the best patatas bravas in Barcelona, comes from a great find in Sant Antoni. To find out exactly where, I'd love to have you join one of my tours.

2. Surprises in boxes.

It's like opening up a letter, snail mail, the kind we hardly get anymore, or maybe even a Tiffany's blue box. One of my favorite bakeries Escribà, put together this darling package. I could hardly resist tearing into it to see what was underneath.....

and this is what I found! Chocolate cake with apricot jam.

3. Beaches, sun and the last days of summer. 

We had a strange summer living between Madrid, California, Malaga and Barcelona, we went from hot to cold and then hot again. It flew by so quickly and there weren't many opportunities to relax on the beach in proper vacation style, however we recently got away for a day trip to Palafurgell in Catalonia which sits along the Costa Brava and was just the escape we needed.

4. Dedication to a craft. 

One of the reasons that I can't get enough of kitchens and chefs (be it in restaurants or home kitchens) is their commitment to providing their dining guests with much more than food, but an art form, tending to the details, plating a masterpiece.

5. White Anchovies (Boquerones). 

I had never seen these little buggers before my arrival to Spain, the only anchovies I had recollection of were the cheap "Italian" varieties I assumed were only on pizzas or in Caesar salad dressings. But oooohhh no how I was wrong! White anchovies are cheap, healthy and more a more sustainable choice than cod or rock fish, and widely available throughout Spain. 

What are you grateful for this week? 


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