Gratitude. Things I'm Grateful For #3

Well I have a lot to be thankful for this week. You too can find, eat and drink your way through Barcelona.

1. Customer Service.

Not only is Cafés El Magnífico denoted as of one the best single origin coffee proveyors in the city (or all of Spain for that manner) I was blown away by their generosity. While typically they produce house blends or weekly/monthly offerings for their cafe (take away menu is quite large), I had my eye on a Peruvian variety (hell I didn't even know that they exported coffee from Peru). I wanted a standard café con leche, and although the server noted my request she said she was unable to serve out my order of the Peruvian blend, that it would have to be what they had on hand. The boss overheard our conversation and whipped up a special cup in the back - success and a happy customer, leading me to give a 1 euro tip on a 1.70€ coffee. Win, win.

2. Pastry Chefs

Really when is the last time you thanked your local pastry chef? With the current trend of celebrating standard chefs, or even making celebrities out of them, many of the sweeter based chefs are left with tickets to the cheap seats. Do us all a favor this week and let someone know you appreciate the time and detail they put into their work. 

Strawberry Pistachio cakes at Bubó of Carles Mampel in the Born district of Barcelona. 

3. Things in cans

More of this to come, as you'll see that this Spanish theme of things in cans is really deserving of its own post. But meanwhile salivate on this, super fat mussels in an escabeche

4. La Sagrada Familia 

The other day I saw Woody Allen's new film, To Rome With Love, and while the movie is about Rome, it's clear he still has an obsession with Barcelona, even after Vicky Cristina Barcelona debuted in 2008. A couple minutes of the film were dedicated to Gaudí and his Sagrada Familia; his character, played by Juno (Ellen Page), calls it "poetry in stone." It is indeed impressive to have such an architectural monument sitting in my backyard, and I'm grateful.

Over a century in the making. Project completion of the Sagrada Familia is now slated for 2026.

You simply can't resist the urge to look up when in the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. 

Gaudí's signature curves are present in various examples of the cathedral. 

"And what is the truth?" I loved that this masterpiece, now ordained by the Pope, still questions the faith and existence of modern man. This verse can be seen from the Passion façade. 

5. 41° Cocktail Bar (41 grados, also known as 41 degrees), Barcelona 

I was lucky to join friends celebrating a birthday at this hip - maybe the hippest in Spain or Europe for that matter - cocktail bar and snackery in Barcelona's Poble Sec neighborhood. Cocktails are well crafted, unusual and often presented with a lot of pizazz. You can order off the menu, but why would you want to? Sit back, take-in the crystals, and watch the masters at work. Open without reservations from 12am-2am, Tuesdays-Sundays. If you've got more money to burn than I do, go all out with the 41 course tasting/cocktail pairing menu at 245€, reservations however are EXTREMELY hard to get.

Anything tagged with Ferran and Albert Adria's name is bound to get some attention. Located next to Tickets Bar Barcelona. Take a peek inside 41 grados instalation, here

Want to make my life more complete with what's been on your grateful list this week?? Remember sharing is caring. Leave a comment, si us plau.  


Bethany ~ twoOregonians said...

Hi Lauren, great to cross digital paths with you this week! We were in Spain this spring, and I completely echo your gratefulness for La Sagrada Familia and delicious coffees. And pastry chefs, too, for that matter! When we were in Buenos Aires, we found the greatest guy in a local shop; his cake was incredible >> Love your blog!

Lauren Heineck said...

Ohh Bethany! Read your article this morning, then found your PDX Sustainable for Thought page and am freaking out about how great you are! I'm also into raw milk and farm hopping. After my partner and I finish our mini RTW we are aiming for SF or I'm hoping it's Portland!

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