Gratitude. Things I'm Grateful For #4

Happy Monday! If you've got a case of the Mondays, get uppity with these super shots and the things I'm grateful for this week.

1. The stunning Santa Maria del Mar

The West end of the cathedral is impressive. I recommend taking a patio seat at La Vinya del Senyor (a neighboring wine bar) and treating yourself to a glass of cava and a cheese plate. And if you're still fascinated by the structure, read the 2006 novel by Ildefonso Falcones, the storyline based on the 14th century on-goings on Barcelona and the creation of the 'Catedral del Mar.' 

2. New findings at my favorite local joints! 

I returned to Gocce di Latte to be greeted warmly by Rita and try her "spumone," a delicious Southern Italian ice cream treat usually consisting of two or more gelato flavors surrounding a candied fruit or nut center (in my case it was a yummy almond cookie). 

3. Bars "de toda la vida

La Plata, an institution with only 4 dishes on the menu (you must get their fried fish of the day (pescado frito) and my new favorite hangout, is a stone's throw from Gocce di Latte and Cafés El Magnífico, so I'm pretty grateful that I can pack a tremendously powerful food afternoon within walking distance! 

La Plata, Carrer Merce 28, Barcelona, is always filled with locals standing around (loitering if you will) munching on tapas and throwing back chatos of wine. Could this be the secret to a happier and longer life? 

4. Bodegas

A few years back modern Philippe Starck-esque interior design was on the rise, but it seems nowadays we're all about rustic and authentic. Bodega Miquel, located close to the Sagrada Familia - but without the tourists - has stood the test of time and continues to serve quality light snacks and carry a wide range of local and national spirits and wines, for consumption and take away.

5. Taking pictures around the city

Papabubble in the Barri Gotic on Carrer Ample in Barcelona. 

For a closer look at how they prepare these hard candies at Pababubble, check out the video from my friends at 


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