Gratitude. Things I'm Grateful For #6

While life has been more or less shuffling along, things are about to get very interesting, stay abreast to my updates as I've got some big news to share.

But until then, here's what's been making me smile this week, and where I owe the most gratitude.

1. Repetition. Practice makes perfect

I've got to admit that I've fallen extremely out of practice from some of my most beloved hobbies; yoga, swimming, speaking Spanish, to name a few. But one thing that I think I can officially claim to be well-practiced in would be my paella making skills. A precocious talent, if I do say so myself.

2. Cheese glorious cheese 

I took a trip to Lyon earlier this month, and as mentioned, came back with a pirate's booty in cheese. Ironically just as the emmental was running low, Antonio's parents returned from a trip to Montpellier and on the vuelta stopped by Barcelona, leaving us with a hefty two kilos worth of coagulated and fermented milk. How much better could things get?

3. Spontaneous Human Towers 

You know you are in Catalonia when by chance you exit your front door and are met with music, human towers and a backdrop of La Sagrada Familia.

To get a better idea of the pressure, drama, intensity and folklore of this sport, watch this video by Madrid based photographer Mike Randolf

4. Seeing things again for the first time

Three years of visiting and living in Barcelona and finally there is a clear shot view of the Cathedral, the scaffolding has come down and it's a glorious sight to see.

5. Handmade 

Last year I let you in on a little secret of mine, the best kebab in Barcelona, or at least in my humble opinion. On my last visit to El Cocinero de Damasco, I caught Chef Salem in the act of preparing his next shawarma, layer by layer, piece by piece, lamb leg by turkey breast. He is the only person in Barcelona, and most likely all of Spain, still using this practice - however popular the kebab craze has gotten. He buys directly from Halal butchers and assembles the product in-shop,  while the competition heats prepackaged and premixed mystery meat. Do you know where your food comes from? 

What are you grateful for this week? I'd love to hear and be inspired! 


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