Guest Post on Spanish Sabores | When Night Falls: La Ruta de La Croqueta Madrid, Spain

I was kindly asked by Lauren Aloise of Spanish Sabores, the globe-hopping, Madrid based blogger, writer, tour guide, cooking instructor, language connoisseur (this lady does A LOT), to write a post of my choice about 'fooding' in Madrid. I couldn't turn her down.

Having lived there a year, and visited many times before, I knew the Madrileños to be a different folk; sophisticated yet brash, passionate and fiery, as well as bar and tapas crawling fiends. Searching out quality and delectability, I constructed La Ruta de la Croqueta, a walk through a few of Madrid's most famous neighborhoods (barrios) with a stop in each one for something cold and frothy in a cup, and another something fried and warm on a plate.

When Madrid really comes alive, after dusk in the Spanish capital. 

Fritters of bacalao. Have you tried these famous specimens in Madrid??

Buen provecho!

Follow the link to read the full article at Lauren's site.


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