Hump Day | Eyescream and Friends, Ice Cream on the Beach in Barcelona

Two dudes, Federico Mendoza and Joad López, expats, buddies and friends, no wait, they're Eyescream and Friends! If you haven't heard there is a newly opened ice cream shop on Passeig de Joan de Borbó, Barceloneta beach's main drag. Now some of you perhaps are wondering how NEW businesses seem to be popping up during an enormous national recession? The key to success I believe is ingenuity, innovation, as well as business and creative know-how. Not to mention killer customer service and design.

Joad and Federico and their eyescream shop are a part of a growing number of young entrepreneurs in Spain - particularly the cases I've shared with you in Barcelona like Marcos at Satan's Coffee Corner and Rita and Matteo at Gocce di Latte - passionate individuals with the perseverance to share and succeed, call them the New Kids on the Block, if you will.

Their eyescream idea stemmed from travel, playing off a typical street-food ice cream variety from Taiwan, and was later incubated as a potential business concept through their studies at business school. The 'eyescream' is essentially gelato frozen at -25° C, which upon serving is placed through a shaved ice machine, giving it a lighter texture. The final touch is a pair of candy eyes that are perfect for the young, and the young at heart.

Their unique eyescream (ice cream, get it?) holders were designed exclusively for the product. All of the containers are biodegradable and sustainable (NO plastic, only wood, sugar cane and cardboard).

After picking your ice cream flavor you can add two dipping sauces. I was personally a fan of condensed milk. 

Suggested flavor combinations at Eyescream and Friends Barcelona and precious little drawings to boot.  
Here was my eyescream of the day; Cheesecake with condensed milk and passion fruit. 

Strawberry and Wildberry eyescreams with chocolate, dulce de leche and kiwi toppings.

Front entrace of eyescream and friends Barcelona. Grab a snack on your way to the beach. 

Federico and Joad all ready for work (big smiles free of charge). 
+34 932 21 53 10
Stop by and see them in Barceloneta 

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