Off the Grid | Travel Series Part One, How to Spend a Day in Lyons, France

I just returned from a mini-holiday in Lyon. It was wonderful and full of memorable food stuff. Follow along for "How to spend a day in Lyon (the sweet stuff)" and stay tuned for Part Deux.

Wake up just as the sun is drying the morning dew. Go for a walk at the Parc de la Tête d'Or.

See the swans flock towards you...

Turns out they were just after your pain au chocolat. Who could blame them?? Sit down on one of the park's many benches, chow down on a legitimate French classic (I got mine from a boulangerie at roughly 26 Avenue Maréchal Foch, Lyon, France) and listen to the sounds of the geese flying overhead. 

The best pain au chocolat, chocolate croissant that I ate in Lyon, France. 

Newly rejuvenated, continue your journey through the park.

Stop and smell the flowers will ya? 

Yes, that's a dahlia. Beautiful.

Cross the Rhône river (on the northwest side) and pass this modernist sculpture by Jeong-Hwa Choi .

Hopefully you bought some goodies from Bernachon (I splurged on these tuiles covered in chocolate with thick slivers of almonds and candied orange - magnifique!), if not turnaround and go back for a special visit. Even David Lebovitz raves about this uniquely French experience. 

No one is stopping you from taking another break...after all you are on vacation. 

Then head into the second oldest part of the city - the middle "island" - take note of the architecture. 

It's necessary to take a stroll down Rue Mercière, jam packed with bistros, comptoirs and bars.

Then meander over the Saône river into the old town. Look at the amazingly constructed Lyonnaise traboules!! 

Then sit in front of the plaza of the cathedral. Look upwards towards Notre Dame de Fourvière. Find the staircases and climb up if you dare (it's a great workout!). 

Hungry again? I know I would be. Stop in to one of Lyon's most prestigious chocolate shops; Voisin, since 1897. Today there are 24 shops, so it shouldn't be a problem encountering a location wherever you are staying in Lyons.

Marzipan from Voisin Chocolatiers

Follow along on the map created by me, Sobremesa In Spain; Lyon, The Sweet Route


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