What I Bought #1

As many of you have probably noticed - given that you are all a bunch of refined palate intellectuals - this isn't a fashion blog. I never speak about my new favorite face product line (unless some avocado happens to be stuck around the corner of my lips) and you've basically never seen photos of me in clothes (or unclothed for that matter, god forbid!).

The point I'm trying to make is that this is not a What I Wore site and Sobremesa In Spain doesn't reach 1.18 million monthly page views (yet). But that's unfortunate because I believe some of the below products will make your mouths water and your jaw drop...even more so than a bunch of hot housewives. To each their own, you be the one to decide.

1. Pasta by Sandro Desii, the same brand that I saw at Alimentaria Barcelona 2012

Due to a sale at El Corte Inglés I grabbed a box of salmon and squid ink pasta. It was delicious paired with a creme fraiche sauce and smoked salmon pieces on top. 

2. Jamón Ibérico from Jabu Jabugo. Huelva, Andalusia, Spain

Boy am I going to miss this melt in your mouth delicacy when I leave Spain. This batch was cut in a meat slicer, but it didn't skip a beat; juicy fat, musky, salty and mmmmm. 

3. Cerveza La Cibeles. Artisan craft beer from Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain 

This variety was their IPA Dry Hopping which I purchased at El Corte Inglés Barcelona, but I personally love the Castaña - unfortunately it's difficult to find some of their beers outside of Madrid. But that will change! They're on the move and maybe coming to a shop near you (US customers be on the lookout!). 

I met David from La Cibeles through Juan Luis of La Cabezuela; these entrepreneurs are an inspiration and a godsend for the revival of quality food stuff in Spain. Keep your eye out for their new joint venture La Cibezuela, a 4 month curated goat cheese macerated in Barley Wine 9%. 

4. Olive Oil Pago de Baldios de San Pedro. Cácerces, Extremadura, Spain

Pago de Baldíos San Pedro has to be one of my preferred Spanish olive oils. Unbelievably different than your typical brands, even claiming to have notes of bananas in this arbequina! I guess you could say it is like the Joselito of olive oils because world famous chefs like Ferran Adrià, Pedro Subijana and Juan Mari & Elena Arzak are also linked to the brand. 

Important that you see a marking like this to depict the harvest date and expiration dates. Olive oil should be consumed as quickly as possible after harvest. This bottle is from the first pick of 2012. 

5. Fair Trade Sugar from Alternativa 3. Barcelona

I've been making a lot (too much) cookie dough lately. I ran out of sugar and decided to invest in this lovely packaging from Alternativa 3, cane sugar from Paraguay, which I purchased at Woki Organic Market in Gracia. What can I say, it's sweet and I'm supposed to feel better about what I purchased. I guess I do : ) 


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