What I Bought #2

This week I lost a few taste receptors due to a cold that just wouldn't quit. While I was searching far and wide for chicken noodle soup, I came up empty handed, although I certainly didn't starve - the bounty of amazing food is always just around the corner. Want a peak inside of my pantry? Read on...

 1. Arroz con zamboriñas (Rice with scallops) by cocinoyo

Now, I don't claim to be an expert paella chef by any means, and I have discussed that it can be a laborious act, at least one that my boyfriend's mother spends a good couple hours preparing on Sundays. However, with me under the weather this week and a little short on cash, I didn't get to the seafood market to pick up the daily catch. That's where this El Corte Inglés find came in super handy. The product line by cocinoyo (a Galician based company) puts together seemingly additive and conservative free cans of popular Spanish rice and noodle dishes, that easily serve two people and are incredibly simple - ready in about 15 minutes. I know I saved time, but in fact, I'm even convinced I saved money on this purchase.

A seafood based broth of scallops and cockles, olive oil, onion, tomatoes and white wine.   

The cocinoyo can came with a two person serving size of 'arroz redondo'. For more information about the various types of rice in Spain, see my post about Spanish food essentials.

 2. Piquillo Peppers from Lodosa, Navarra, Spain. Pimientos del piquillo de Lodosa

These famous chili peppers from Northern Spain are grown alongside the plentiful agricultural region of the river Ebro. Their name translates to 'little beak' and they are most commonly cultivated during two harvest periods from September through December, fire-roasted and then canned. I add them to paellas (see above), put them in grilled cheese sandwiches, or adorn salads. Bonus point; their vitamin C content is on par with that of citrus fruits!

3. Pedro Luis Tomate Frito. Tomato Sauce 

Another company out of Navarra and finally a tomato sauce that tastes delicious, doesn't carry E-blah blah stabilizers and actually marks the cultivation date of its harvest. I'm sold! 

Aside from being awesome, local and organic, partial proceeds of the sales go to a charity program in Sierra Leone.  

4. Leiras Albariño White Wine of the DO Rias Baixas, Galicia, Spain 

A gorgeous additional to our luncheon with friends David & Eli. Floral scents with notes of apples, ripe pears and pineapple. 

 5. Puro Chocolate, a dark chocolate cake by the champion of the "Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie 2011" Josep Maria Rodrigez Guerola at La Patisseria, Barcelona

You all know by now that I am a chocolate fanatic, and I've got to say that 'puro chocolate' is among the most delicious desserts I've ever sank my teeth into. The inner mousse layer and dark chocolate cast are the perfect blend of sweet and acidic flavors - mellow and bold, while the dark chocolate cookie crust crunches and simultaneously melts with every bite. While many may still be blabbing on about old school 'pastelerias' bakeries like Mauri, La Pastisseria is my choice for best of the city.

The best chocolate dessert in Barcelona? I Think so. 

Have you made any market purchases this week that have changed your mind, opened your world to new flavors, or impressed?? Please share. 


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