Guest Post on Untapped Cities | An Architecture and Food Tour of Madrid

I've been a busy little food and travel writer lately, or so I'm making you all believe. Would it be too much to say I've been sipping Thai iced teas and eating mango sticky rice from a 5 star hotel, with historic temple access and daily massages. Well it is too much, that part about the hotel is a fib.

If you do find yourself in Madrid, or are curious to visit (and want to see and eat the city from the sound advice of a local) please check out my recent article for Untapped Cities Travel, 'An Architecture and Food Tour of Madrid.'

Answer your burning questions such as:

What 20th century market do locals and visitors both adore?

Are there any bakery shops in Madrid that are not using industrial means of production?

Thanks for the support folks! And a big thanks to Untapped Cities.


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