Gratitude. Things I'm Grateful For #7

Yesterday I dropped the bomb that we'll be leaving Spain for some time. As per usual, I'm running late to the airport with a bunch of things on my mind and to-do list. Here's to one last post based from my Barcelona home-office for the next few months!

1. Barcelona

I have to dedicate an entire portion of this thankful list to the city and people that always accept me even though I don't speak their language, know all of their history, or plan on staying long term (at least not at this moment). Images like this always take me back to Almodóvar movies and leave a lasting impression of the city's iconic yellow and black taxi cabs and the perfectly constructed stone work of Eixample's aparment complexes.

2. Christmas around the corner

I'm sort of pleased that we will not be around for this holiday season in Europe, because it can be rather overwhelming and the pressure of capitialism is on full-force. However, it can also be a fabulous time of year and the deeply rooted Spanish traditions are lovely, for instance turrón

Mauri Barcelona. An important landmark in the city's bakery heritage. 

3. Grandparents 

It's hard to be thousands of miles away from loved ones when you are selfishly searching out your destiny. But I have fond memories of spending weekends with my Grandma, her taking me to a matinee movie and buying me Twizzlers, and then for an ice cream afterwards. 

Children shopping for sweets at Mauri, Barcelona. 

4. Chocolate

I am becoming more and more obsessed with chocolate. This addiction is nothing new, but I feel that I am finally discovering what REAL chocolate should taste like, and even more fascinating is that it isn't all the same.

Fauchon Chocolate, Paris

5. Set in Stone 

Halloween doesn't have the same influence here in Spain. They do however celebrate All Saint's Day, although not in the same manner as Mexico (seeing that in person is certainly high on my travel list). Instead of massive festivals, bright colors and fruit offerings, it's common that families visit the graves of their passed relatives, leaving flowers, saints, or trinkets behind in memoriam. On November 1st, I visited Poblenou's Cemetery, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Barcelona. An interesting visit and a nice setting for photography. 


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