Dos and Don'ts of Lanzarote, Canary Islands

A quick and comprehensive guide to what you should and shouldn't do while visiting the enchanting island of Lanzarote. For more pics, see Lanzarote: Flora and Fauna

DO eat the local food, not the British and Irish breakfast offerings plastered on tiny chalkboards near your resort hotel

Fried local Lanzarote goat cheese with potatoes and mojo picon

Lapas, or in English known as limpets, an aquatic gastropod mollusk. 

DON'T forget to wear sunscreen

DO drink the wine

Malvasia wine from Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

DO choose one or two attractions

For the price/information/length, the caves, las cuevas de los verdes, were interesting. 

Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote born, played an enormous role in the creative and artistic presence of the island. 

DO rent a car, or bring a bike to explore the island. If you don't you'll be stuck in the 'ugly' condominiums or crowded beach zones

DO skip the Cactus Park. A picture taken by learning over the wall will suffice

DO succumb to tropical fish. "Sancocho Canario"

Sancocho, a typical white fish dish of the Canary Islands. 

DO read product labels carefully and attempt to buy products exclusively from the Canary Islands 

Since they are a part of Spain, a huge amount of Spanish imports come into the island, but do yourself a favor and just forget you're in Spain - the diet, landscape and climate call for a whole new set of rules, sorry but jamón and Rioja just aren't the drill. Instead opt for a cured goat cheese, mojo (picon or cilantro) and Malvasia wine.

Tuna soaked in organic extra virgin olive oil from the Isla de Hierro, Canarias. 

DO take a few pictures that remind you of the surface of Mars

El Golfo, green lagoon, Lanzarote. 

Volcanic rock in Lanzarote, Spain. 

DON'T ride a camel just for the sake of your enjoyment

Ayy pobresitos. Poor things. Camels as transportation in Lanzarote. 

DO visit a bodega, two or three

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Getting there from mainland Spain 

Staying there

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