Off the Grid Travel Series | Part Deux Lyon France

I could blab on about how Lyon (sometimes referred to as Lyons) is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a foodies dreamland, or I could tell of its silk road past, the merchant stories of old, or paint a picture of the three hills that distinguish its landscape. But this time around I'll just simply tell you that I was charmed by Lyons; its size, the facility of maneuvering through a European canvas stitched with colors, rivers, trees, cheese and chocolate, the kindness of the people (who never snubbed me for my poor French) and always pointed me in the right direction. A direction that points effortlessly as a destination I hope to have the ability to navigate again sometime in my life.

For the sweet route, a tour of Lyon's best chocolates and pain au chocolat, follow Sobremesa's guide on 'How to Spend a Day in Lyons.'

Sketching the scenery, Lyon, France. 

Seafood. Fruits de Mer. Lyons. 

Paul Bocuse's Le Sud, Lyons, France. 

Cafe culture in the old city, Lyons, France. 

More doors that transport us in time. Lyons, France. 

Quiet streets, bold thoughts. 

Before the storm. Basilica of Notre-Dame, Fourviere, Lyons, France. 

What's a trip to Lyons without a outdoor meal in a bouchon? 

Or a cold beer along the Rhone river on a sunny day? Lyon, France. 

Lunch, a salad Lyonnaise and Cotes du Rhone wine at Comptoir Abel. Lyons, France. 

Interior of Comptoir Abel, Lyons, France. 

The bar and cash register at Comptoir Abel, Lyons, France. 

After lunch lull at Comptoir Abel. 

And finally, the awesomeness that is Les Halles de Lyon Market. An indoor God-send of the highest quality food stuff from the region and terrior, and the 60 plus stalls that make up this masterpiece. 

My key takeaways. 

Various richelieu on display at Les Halles de Lyon. 

Duck pistachio 'pate croute canard richelieu' (19.5 euros kilo). 

Oysters and champagne make for an excellent Sunday morning brunch.  Les Halles Lyon. 

French Cheese +  French baguettes = Heaven

I couldn't resist a doggy bag. Clockwise bottom left to right; L'Etivaz AOC Switzerland, Tomme de Brebis Piment Espelette, Bleu de Gex, Crottin Chavignol goat's cheese, Compte, Raclette goat cheese.  


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