Alternative Gift Guide: Handmade Small Batch Chocolate by Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco, California

Holiday gift guides filling your inbox? Too many choices, too many gimmicks, too many people to shop for and too many gadgets that will end up in the attic next year?

I have the solution, the gift that keeps on giving, and an acceptable one for everyone on your list.

DANDELION CHOCOLATE - San Francisco, California

If you haven't heard of this artisan chocolate company yet, you're bound to soon. Since the company's conception in 2010, by founders Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring, they've hit the ground running in their community, the Bay Area and are quickly making national waves. And through this post, I hope across more international frontiers as well.

It's the kind of gift suitable for anytime of the year, the kind that is handmade, the kind that makes a lasting impression. At Dandelion, they "roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind, conch, and temper small batches of (high quality) beans."  They also wrap, package and sign the bars in-house, essentially the whole shebang minus growing the beans; that they leave up to professional agriculturists in far away lands such as the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea and Madagascar. They've personally built relationships with these farmers, know the product, understand the chocolate making process, and ensure that quality, care and love is an element in every 70% cacao, 30% sugar bar - yes, those are the only ingredients in Dandelion chocolate bars. The finished product is tasty, smooth, and smart, a journey to the respective cacao plantation in every morsel.

Dandelion Chocolate Madagascar  bar (February 2012 Harvest) front and center and my favorite of the lot; fruity, slightly bitter, a fine bar of chocolate. 

Even the details are hand created; Dandelion Chocolate. 

Dandelion Chocolate, The Mission, San Francisco. 

They are still a small company, so at the moment (the 2012 Holiday Season) they are unable to make any more online orders, but if you find yourself in the Mission District of San Francisco (e.g. the hottest foodie spot on Earth), swing in for a look at the beautiful Dandelion Chocolate factory and soon to be cafe space.

Dandelion Chocolate
740 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
[Google Maps]

Wednesday - Friday:  noon to 4pm
Saturdays: 11am- 6pm

Or purchase from these retail locations

Dandelion Chocolate bars 3 pack; handmade, hand-packed, hand-selected beans. 

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