Gratitude. Things I'm Grateful For #10

For what may be the last "Things I'm Grateful For" of 2012, I'd like to thank you all for your readership, for the experiences, relationships that I've made this year, those that have helped me and inspired me in seeing what I see, writing what I write and doing what I do.

1. Finding Your Place

Often when people hear that you are traveling, the response is an unanimous "oh, how wonderful!" But traveling can also be exhausting, with unmet expectations, pitfalls, or worse. So, when you do find that special place, that city, or those people that just click, you've got to let out a sigh and a smile of gratitude.

We found our happy place at Inle Lake, Myanmar. 

2. The Little Things

 I'm by no means a biologist, but these little dried fish were the most detailed for their size, that I'd ever seen. I couldn't believe it! Nature still has so much to teach us.

Super tiny dried fish at the wet market in Inle Lake, Myanmar. 

3. A Great Cup Of Tea

I've spoken a lot about my favorite coffees at Satan's Coffee Corner in Barcelona and TOMA CAFÉ in Madrid. But tea is also a favorite beverage of mine. While touring Myanmar (Burma) we got very comfortable with the idea of tea time, and how to enjoy a proper cup of Burmese tea

"lapea yea" Burmese tea at a tea house in Bagan, Myanmar

4. Special Days 

Even on the other side of the world, giddy young women and proud young men stride gracefully and confidently to live out their special day and future together. 

Photography day for the bride and groom to be at Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam 

5. Tasting The Untasted 

Mien luon, vermicelli glass noodles with crispy fried eel, a Hanoi specialty, was an exotic choice for me - or rather one that I had never seen or had the insight to order at a Vietnamese restaurant prior to this trip, but which was delicious and satisfying. 50,000 VND ($2.40). 

Mien Xao Luon
87 Hang Dieu  (Old Quarter) 
Hanoi, Vietnam 


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