Akha Ama Coffee, Chiang Mai Thailand

Yesterday morning I was reminded of just how beautiful some memories can be when we reflect on them weeks, months, or even years later. One of our stops in northern Thailand included a beautiful journey, The Coffee Journey, through Maejantai, Chiang Rai province and the Akha Ama plantation, alongside Lee and a diverse group of coffee enthusiasts.

Nearly three months since our visit, sitting around a modern glass kitchen table, with a swinging Swiss design lamp shade above, a domestic sized espresso machine hissing in the background, and good friends on either side of us, Antonio and I retold the story of visiting Akha Ama's coffee plantation, learning about a community empowering itself to live sustainably and build a stronger future for themselves; but also a future of better tasting and better practiced coffee production, for international palates as well as Thai nationals.

Thanks to the blogging world and inspiring posts from Bessie and Kyle of 'On Our Own Path,' and Shannon from 'A Little Adrift', I knew I had to see this amazing project with its humble and "cool" origins in person. Thankfully, their Chiang Mai coffee shop is the perfect place to relax and mingle, while supporting fair trade and environmentally responsible cultivation, and the closest most of us will come to accessing and offering thanks to a hill tribe much more deserving of recognition.

Do you know who grew the coffee beans in your cappuccino? Do you know where your investment goes and who the profits support? At Akha Ama, all of those questions are openly answered and often discussed - just pull up a chair and have a chat with Lee. 

Iced Caffe Latte at Akha Ama. Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Wifi, coffee and complimentary water for customers at Akha Ama. 

Interior of Akha Ama Coffee, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Akha Ama Coffee House in Chiang Mai

Mata Apartment 9/1
Hassadhisawee Road. Soi 3
Changphuak Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Akha Ama website
Akha Ama Facebook Page

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