Bulls, burgers, ham and modern classics at Tapas 24 Barcelona by Carles Abellan

You all more or less know my obsession with Barcelona. Even months after moving away from one of my happiest corners on Earth, I can't help but get nostalgic. 

Aridity, the antonym of Barcelona, as it is a city absolutely bursting with life. Events, expositions, art, festivals, traditions, new buzzing hypes, startups, and restaurants...oh, the food scene, my true reason for loving Barcelona, mar i montanya, sea and mountains, delivered on your plate, seen in your local market, or tempting you from small wine cellars, meeting places packed with 60 year old barri men swigging cognac at 4pm. 

Rejuvenating my love for Spanish food lately has come in the form of watching Pedro Almodóvar movies, whom besides from being an absolute cinematic genius, has a wonderfully magical way of integrating famous Spanish meals or dishes into his scenes. Last night, with "Carne Trémula" Live Flesh, I was reminded of the exquisite rabo de toro (bull's tail stew) we enjoyed last September at Tapas 24. A must! Bull fighting may be outlawed in Catalonia, but the bull's tail remains a prized trophy piece for us carnivores. 

Upscale and modern tapas in a casual - but packed - setting by Catalan chef Carles Abellan. Here are the photos of our meal: 

Tapas to go, or sit down. Tapas 24 in l'Eixample of Barcelona. Menus available in Catalan, Spanish and English. 

We sat at the bar at Tapas 24 and watched the chefs and line crew prepare our meals. 

Mc Foie burger, 8 euros. Medium to medium rare prime meat with a decadent foie gras dipping sauce. Tapas 24, Barcelona. 

Croqueta de pernil. Ham croquette. 1.50 euros each at Tapas 24. 

Rabo de toro, 10 euros at Tapas 24. Fall-off-the-bone meat from the tail of the bull, a hearty umami stock base, marrow, and white beans. Does life get better than this?

Spring is around the corner, take a walk through the streets of antiquity in Barcelona after your rabo de toro, or you could take a nap! 

Carrer de la Diputacio 269 (cross street is Passeig de Gracia)
+34 934 88 09 77
Metro: Passeig de Gracia 
Twitter: Tapas24BCN
Open everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner 8:00am - midnight. 


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