Hump Day: La Movida 2010, Ávila, Spain

Commonly known throughout Spain and rather fresh on your parents' minds, La Movida was a radical social movement in late 1970s and early 1980s (above all in Madrid) towards liberation and rejection of social norms - those that had been previously developed and human rights that had been suppressed during Franco's regime. It was a movement, that paved the way for the future, towards a renewed identity, freedom of speech, and Spain growing with momentum towards new ideologies and thinking processes.

There is also an area of Castile & Leon known as La Movida, where similarly revolutionary things are taking place. Viñas y Vinos Maldivinas is a wine project of the 21st century, established in 2006 by Carlos Arenas and Guillermo Fernandez. A heritage land plot in Cebreros, Ávila, a total size of some 4 hectares, is now the breeding ground for these wine enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to rewrite some of the modern and industrial norms of wine production. Low yield vines, between 60-80 years of age, grown on slate and mineral soil, give yield to hand-collected, mule-plowed, small batched, handmade wine. It's a case of "return to the land," reinvention in an already traditional wine-growing region, which over the years had been neglected and abandoned by other generations.

Now they are working harvest after harvest to see that this organic unfiltered wine is the answer to consumers' and residents' most relevant questions; that the wine, through the use of biodynamic tending and care, speaks volumes of where it originated. That the biodiversity surrounding the vineyard - such as lavender, fennel, rosemary (the holy trinity of the countryside) -  is protected and respected, giving characteristics to their growing region, the often unknown mystery and romanticism of Castilla & Leon.

At the time of our tasting, we were surrounded by family and plates full of deeply rooted Spanish cuisine. The wine's effect on the nose was pleasant, not overwhelming; dark and tart red fruits, anise and fennel like qualities. The rest I won't go into details, because I believe this is a case of things to come. It's a bodega to watch and their progression will be interesting to note in the coming years, as the land gives way to its particular personality and style, the producers gain confidence and tact, and new wine standards are broken and/or replaced, just like any important movida would do.

La Movida 2010
Winery: Maldivinas
Type: Red Crianza
Grape: Grenache (Garnacha in Spanish)
Aging: 15 months in French oak barrels (500 liters)
Alcohol Content: 14.5%
Price: 18-22 euros within Spain, $30-35 outside of Spain
Serve at 16 C, decant an hour before

In November of 2012, their La Movida wine was marked with 95 points by Wine Advocate.
More production to come from their 2012 wines, Carnaval and Doble Punta.

Currently unavailable for purchase in the United States. EU/UK purchases at Vinissimus.
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