Photo Essay: Asturias By Sea

If you've arrived here from my last post on the subject Asturias By Land, welcome, if you're new here, also welcome, and however else you stumbled upon this page, bienvenido, and please stick around - the beauty of Spain's Principality of Asturias and its coast is worth it. 

While the cities we visited in Part I are charming examples of Asturian daily life, residents of this community are not fulfilled without the ocean. The sea, I believe, holds a special place for all Asturianos, they live in a constant of seagulls, temperatures and weather affected by the waters beyond their borders, and the truth that seeps from the dark blue waves laced with foamy crests. 

We started our journey on a cloudless day in February. The region's hectic agenda of rain, grey skies and sleet had provided a respite that offered us the perfect Saturday plan. We hopped in the compact car (didn't you know almost all Europeans drive compact cars - if they have a car at all) and headed north towards the coast from Oviedo. The Asturian region changes in short distances, within twenty minutes you are easily at the foot of the mountains or suddenly dropped to sea level. It's fascinating and no doubt scenic. 

Cabo Peñas, Asturias, Spain

Cabo Peñas is a precious national park with zen-like vantage points. I'd highly recommend stopping by for a photo op or simply to breathe. ::breathe:: 

P.S. Free parking. 

Gijón, Asturias, Spain

A stroll back to through the city of Gijón, seaside views and this über cool pool - seriously is there anything better than a two for one at the beach/gym?!

Verdicio, Asturias, Spain 

A popular summer spot for vacationers and locals alike. Brisk waters and fine sand looking out onto the horizon. 

San Juan de la Arena, Asturias, Spain 

Sprawling coastline fit for a king, or three ladies digesting a typical Asturian meal - as was our case. San Juan de la Arena provides a cozy fisherman's town feel with beautiful ocean views - climb the stairs at sunset. 

Hope you enjoyed Part II of the Asturias Series. Part III (my favorite part) Asturian Food is to come; please follow Sobremesa In Spain on Facebook for updates.


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