The Post That Contains One of the Greatest Tapa Secrets in All of Spain


Are you listening? 

Are you sure? 

This is likely one of the best kept secrets in all of Madrid, maybe all of Spain - subjectively speaking of course. 

But nah...surely you don't want to know about that because it's far from the center, there are no tourists, and more than two things on the menu will make you say "Wow."

Oh you do

Well then. Next time your passing through Madrid, or maybe even as a resident you're pondering your usual Sunday Funday, skip Puerta del Sol and head for the orange line, Alonso Cano specifically. Once out of the metro, you'll find yourself in a very barrio neighborhood, and around the corner you'll bump into the dark seductive red doors and façade of Sylkar Bar & Cafe; home to the best Spanish omelette (tortilla española) in Madrid - yes, even better than the one your mother-in-law makes. 

"Una caña por favor" - that's what you'll say (basically yell it when it seems that no one is paying attention to you, or they have their backs turned and they'll get to work) when you feel your mouth watering on a hot Madrid summer's day. Their wine selection is also strong for being such a tiny little hole in the wall. 

Finally, we come to the tortilla de patatas (also known as a Spanish omelette, tortilla española). This little baby is what put Sylkar on the map for many a superfan of their restaurant and always-from-scratch kitchen philosophy. It's curious because Spaniards will likely repel at the idea of eating raw cookie dough (as I have a habit of doing), but put a runny-egg tortilla within their reach and they go koo-koo for this national tapa; I suppose I don't blame them. 

If you're a fan of blue cheese and foie gras (although not together), or simply on that "I'm on vacation and I'll eat whatever I want" diet, then be sure to try their myriad handmade croquettes that they have on hand; more famously known is their foie gras version.  

Not to be missed at Sylkar are the moist and sweet cinnamon and sugar torrijas. Generally an Easter treat, but a classic at this Madrid establishment. 

Tight quarters at Sylkar, Madrid. Don't expect a long sobremesa here...most afternoons and evenings you'll have to fight for your space at the bar. However, there is a small dining room upstairs (recommended to make reservations for groups). 

Sylkar Cafeteria/Bar 
Calle de Espronceda 17
Madrid 28003 Spain

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 8am-6pm and 8pm-midnight, Sundays 12pm-6pm
Pricing: 2.60€ - 7€ per small plate
Telephone: (+34) 91 554 57 03
Metro: Alonso Cano or Gregorio Marañón

So there you have it, the best tortilla de patatas in Madrid, previously I'd bequeathed to you Madrid's most famous patatas bravas...

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