Hoi An, Vietnam: The Sights

Vietnam is a place that haunts your dreams - without going too deep into the sociological or historical meaning of all of this - I just can't get it out of my mind. As we meandered south from our initial, and somewhat shaky landing in Hanoi, we found our slow travel home in Hoi An, an ancient imperial city that bore the charm, authenticity and amenities that we needed. As long as you steer clear of the ever popular garment district in downtown, you'll surly discover its serenity and character as well.

It became so comfortable for us, that we settled into a daily routine, made friends with street food vendors, and stayed nearly three weeks because of the incredible generosity of Linh and her family at the Loc Phat Homestay & Villa.

In our spare time - between writing, eating and coding - we went for jaunts into the city, to the beach or gallivanting on bicycles through rice paddies, or on motorbikes towards majestic mountains. Along the way we saw.....

Back-street food in Hoi An, Vietnam

A recent rain fall lies on the old city streets of Hoi An. 

Cua Dai beach, Hoi An. It was Decemeber, and if you caught the sunlight just right, you could make a beach day out of it. 

Fishing vessels, Cua Dai beach, Vietnam. 

Up in the marble mountains. 

Inside the marble mountains (Ngu Hanh Son), between Hoi An and Da Nang. 

Clear skies, colors, swoon...

Friendly conversation found during our Hoi An Free Day Tours, by bike with local university student guides. 

A group gearing up for Eco Tours along the water's edge at Phuoc Hai Fishing Village. 

Another shot of Phuoc Hai Fishing Village, Cua Dai, Vietnam. 

Get your workout at the Marble Mountains, or follow some monks. 

I wish I could have lugged all of the amazing woodwork home with me. 

The Marble Mountains from above. 

Views towards Da Nang, Vietnam. 

Rice paddies seen from Cam Nam on our Hoi An Free Day Tour. 

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